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Apple Eaters Apple Eaters

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Never thought I'd find a cute game like this here

A simple game, but it has cute, appealing graphics and is pretty easy to pick up, but hard to master. Rewards patience and simple strategizing. It's something I'd like to have on my smartphone to play when I have spare bored moments. =D

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Zelda OoS - Horon Village HQ Zelda OoS - Horon Village HQ

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Humble, energetic and - dare I say it - adorable

I have not heard the original track for this so I'm judging it just on its own. The first thing that came to my mind hearing this was, "Oh this is so cute X3" I can really imagine this in a video game, playing in this cheerful little village in a woodlands area. The ensemble of instruments you chose really work well together, with the strings giving it a vibrant feel and the harp a bit of natural beauty. Saved it away, may use on my personal playlist! =3

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Mysterious Destiny WIP Mysterious Destiny WIP

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Context is the key - good for some, not others

As for your elements of the song, I actually would have to say it's dependent on what context this is intended for. Is it meant as a BGM to a JRPG cutscene? A part of a film OST? And what kind of story is behind it? Or is this a stand-alone? For what I think this would be best suited for as it is, it reminds me a little of a less-scary and not as pessimistic version of the Wii game Fragile Dreams. It sounds...rural-ish, like the countryside (NOT country music, world o'difference), and it's like your walking down a dirt path pensively. If that's something like the image you were going for, it's going down the right path. If you were meaning something more mysterious and ethereal, I would suggest using less acoustic stuff like the drums and throwing in some more mystical synth (though not tech synth, unless you wanted a sci-fi taste). It's also the effects and voice choice; it also has that sort of lonely, homely tone to it, as well as a bit of modern from the type of FX you used. You could change that by either making it more distorted and in the background (more mysterious) or for more mystical, make it, sparkly? Misty? Something playing with the higher frequencies I suppose.

No, I'm not a music major, so sorry if I don't make much sense, I just like listening to anime and game BGMs so I've heard a lot of 'em for different types of stories and atmospheres.

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Shapes in The Clouds Shapes in The Clouds

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This made me smile blissfully *_*

I love the heavenly, gentle, warm atmosphere that this track has. Perhaps it's because you didn't use any strong beats or shrill instruments that it has that warm, soft feeling. Love it; saving it and might go on my personal playlist. =3

nameless11 responds:

Thank you very much, check out my other songs if you want, im glad you find this worthy of your musical library : ) I was planning this song out to be more sad but I guess the major scale prevailed.